About Me

Hello!  I love to craft, but don't get as much time to as I would like. Even so, my work space was beginning to look like I was a hoarder with all the bits and pieces I had collected over the years. I'm a single mom working for a living, so spending hundreds of dollars on new craft supplies and tools simply is not an option. (Although I will admit, sometimes you just have to have that new toy!) I decided to combine my love of crafting with my love of recycling, and this site was born.
I hope to use this site to spur me on to craft more, to finish all my projects, and to share my finds with my readers. As amazing as some of the new tools are on the market right now, I feel the "art" of crafting - making something out of nothing - is getting lost. It's my hope that I can share my inspiration with fellow crafters who want to get back to the basics and make something they love without spending a fortune. Twenty dollars to make just one thank you card? No thanks.
I don't always post what's "in season" - just what strikes my fancy that day. Expect Christmas ornaments, Halloween ideas, crochet, paper art, and more! Please feel free to contact me.


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