Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cute (and thrifty!) Handmade Christmas Cards

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I wanted to start off by showing off some of the cards and an ornament I made with the clearance I found right after Christmas; that is a great time to get great buys on holiday paper and supplies for the next year.

Here is a shot of everything I used. I hope it will feed your imagination like all of you wonderful crafters do for me.

The snowmen on all the cards are all from wrapping paper that I cut out several times and overlayed them to give them demension using foam tape. I ran all the pieces through the Xyron (my newest toy that I love!)  and backed evey piece on cardstock. The Xyron machine makes everything into an instant sticker - very cool! The trees in front and behind the snowmen are from clearanced Christmas cards - I just loved the way they looked, but the cards themselves were kind of plain so I backed them on card stock and added them to the card with foam tape. 

The backgroud is some Martha Stewart Christmas paper I got on sale at Micheals previously, and then some odds and ends from one of my many craft drawers. The glittered snowflakes and the plastic ones came from my local dollar store (but I never spend just a dollar there! hah), and the Merry Christmas' are from cardstock cut with design scissors and stamps I got from the dollor bin at Micheals and JoAnns a long time ago, but I just knew for the price they might come in handy someday. The Santa card was done the same way: cut out several images from the Christmas card and layer it for dimension.

Well here is my first post! I gave these out at work and they were definitely a hit. I hope it gave you an idea or two :) If you have any questions, go ahead and leave me a comment. Thanks for reading!

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